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Takaful visit to Al Baraka Bank

March 2016

A delegate from Takaful for Child Welfare headed by the Organization President Mr. Issam Barghout visited Al Baraka Bank headquarters and met Board Member - General Manager Mr. Muttassim Mahmassani. The two sides discussed the role of the Bank, in cooperation with Takaful, to provide support and aid for children and those with special needs from different Lebanese regions. The delegate expressed high appreciation for the humanitarian role played by the Bank, especially in the context of social responsibility. The delegate included Sheik Daniel Basbous, Director of Financial Resources Development and Mr. Mohamad Safadi, Director of Local Resources Development. On Al Baraka Bank side were present Mr. Issam Hijazi, Main General Manager Assistant, and Mr. Abdul Hamid Taki, Marketing Manager.

At the end of the meeting, Takaful delegate presented a shield to Mr. Mahmassani in appreciation of the Bank’s efforts and its role.