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Al Baraka Bank sponsoring Al-Aqaba Club Sports Festival

June 2015

Under the patronage of Al-Baraka Bank represented by Chtaura Branch Manager Mr. Rabih Taktak, on behalf of His Excellency General Manager Mr. Muttassim Mahmassani, al-Aqaba Cultural Sports Social Club in Rashaya District organized the annual sports festival in volleyball. The festival was attended by cultural, sports and social associations and Union of Municipalities of Jabal al-Sheik and Qalaatal-Istiqlal besides economic, cultural and media figures and a large crowd of volleyball fans.

The festival witnessed participation by a number of teams and clubs including: Al-Jaish Club – Republican Guard, Al-Janoub Team, Chouf Team, Jieh, Saleema, al-Talee‘a, al-Rafid, Baysariya, Barja, Kferdenis,and Chiyah.

The festival ended with the victory of al-Aqaba Sports Club and medals were awarded to participating teams whilean honorary shield was granted to al-Baraka Bank, the sponsor of the festival.