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Al-Baraka Lebanon Awards Winners in Green Boost Program

June 2015

In the context of commitment to the rules of social responsibility, Al-Baraka Board Member and General Manager Mr. Muttassim Mahmassani announced in a press conference held in Phoenicia Hotel the names of awardees of “Green Boost” program in collaboration with the South Business Incubation Centre (South BIC). The conference was attended by Editors Syndicate Chief Mr. Elias Aoun, Deputy General Manager Mr. Oussama Fakhoury, and Director of South BIC Mr. André Basha in addition to a number of journalists, interested persons and alBaraka Bank managers.

After greeting the audience, Mr. Mahmassani announced the launching of a variety of products catering to the needs of customers and market demand including “Al-Baraka Extra” and “Al-Baraka Shabab” cards, and “Al-Baraka Cashback” program.

Mr. Mahmassani reiterated the inclination to support and finance small and micro entrepreneurs through programs that take into account their needs and potentials. He added: confirming the positive and developmental role of Islamic banks, “Green Boost” was developed in collaboration with South BIC which is renowned in this field.

Mahmassani stated that the program is concerned with encouraging environmental projects, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to use alternative energy in their institutions and projects.

The audience then saw a documentary about “Green Boost.”
At the end, Mr. Mahmassani awarded $10,000 to each winner participating from industrial, agricultural and services sectors.

The press conference was wrapped with a gala luncheon in honor of journalists in Mosaic Restaurant.